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Trafnidiaeth Cymru / Transport for Wales

Trawsnewid trafnidiaeth. Transforming transport. 🏳️‍🌈 Am tocynnau/ymholiadau https://t.co/PoXwFBIZ3w. For tickets/enquiries https://t.co/k59wCHqsvD. 🚉@TfWRail

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Ask Amex UK

Amex UK, at your service! We’re here 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri. Please don’t tweet personal or account information. P: 0800 917 8047 E: https://t.co/YD1Obx8vY3

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Gymshark Help

Here to help with all things @Gymshark.

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Domino's Pizza

The home of Domino's Pizza on Twitter. Hosted by the crew at Domino's HQ.

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Leeds Council Help #StayHomeSaveLives

We're here to answer your enquiries 9-5, Mon to Fri, except on bank holidays. For news and events, follow @LeedsCC_News Privacy notice: https://t.co/y6sC74iHCh

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Simple, proactive whole home security. Bringing homeowners peace of mind since 2012. #AlwaysHome

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Glossier Inc. is a people-powered beauty ecosystem ✨ Skin first, makeup second 😀👋

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Staffordshire Police #StayHomeSaveLives

In an emergency always call 999. Please send us a DM between 7am – midnight to report a crime or for a general enquiry. For help & advice, visit our website ⬇️

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Yorkshire Building Society

Welcome to Yorkshire Building Society. We’re here from 9am to 5pm Mon-Fri. Please do not post personal or secure information. T&Cs: https://t.co/CysugyYUQm

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