A truly groundbreaking industry first, continuing our mission with the democratization of the complex customer experience ecosystem using social data and insight.

Review sites are fundamentally biased and ultimately flawed. We believe there is a better way. By using social performance data, we are able for the very first time to offer a transparent, and truer picture of how the worlds most innovative brands and innovative conversational customer experience software providers perform through the democratisation of social data and insight.

Snr Director, Enterprise Sales, Netomi, formerly MSG.AI

"HelpHandles™ stellar data helped us identify new opportunities to deploy our automated cx solutions with the worlds top brands...."

Marketing Director, Conversocial

"Forward-thinking brands are embracing new channels and trends to seamlessly engage with customers. HelpHandles™ helps us collaborate on industry-leading content, corporate best practices and marketing insight...."

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Snr Director Social Media, Hertz Corp

“It’s one thing to see it in your owned analytics and KPI’s, BUT its another thing when that effort is honoured and recognized by a truly independent source. The result of the insights published by HelpHandles was validated internally by our team and colleagues across Hertz, and also by our CEO. This valuable insight helped us win a Shorty Award for Best In Class Customer Care. I can’t thank Dean and his amazing team enough for the work they do!”

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Snr Social Media Manager, LinkedIn

It was great working with HelpHandles! We were able to collaborate to help us raise the profile of our Social support team. It was great to use HelpHandles insights with our Social strategy here at LinkedIn.

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Social Community Manager, TSB

"HelpHandles makes it easy for us to answer those difficult but important questions from the business on how we’re performing against our competitors/other industry peers, offering an easy to use and understand dashboard providing relevant insights and analytics for our internal reporting needs."

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Managing Director, ViralEffect

"HelpHandles has helped us reach an incredible milestone of three months at the top of the HelpHandles Global Food Index for our clients. We have also celebrated a week ranking third in the world for customer service on the global index rankings."