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5 years ago
Wow Juana; This may be the most atrocious case of customer service I've seen here on HelpHandles from any company of social customer support account to date. Thank you for sharing this with us. I'll be sure to share this with my followers/fans. Shame on @chickfila
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5 years ago
I had such a horrible experience at Chick-fil-a on Veterans Blvd in Metairie, Louisiana last night. I bought a grilled chicken wrap. When Dwayne S handed it to me it was cold. I told him I didn't want a cold grilled sandwich. He asked if I wanted something else and I said sure... I'll take the chicken strips. Then he said he would have to charge me more because of the difference in price. I said what I've already paid for costs more than what you're trying to sell me now. On one hand I have a team leader, whose name I didn't get, saying that he only needs to print a receipt to get the code in order to make the exchange. Then I have an 18 year old manager, Brett T., who says he's not going to make an exchange because it's the company policy. The team leader says there is nothing he can do because the manager is over him. At that point I said... just give me my money back. Brett T. says hes not giving me my money back. I asked for another manager and Matt comes over. Matt tells me that I'm not going to get any free food from them. I said... you already have my money... it's not free. Matt says I'm going to need you to step on the side or I'll call the police. And he actually did call the police. I couldn't believe these kids. I am wondering if this is actually Chick-fil-a's policy? And is this a true example of how your company has decided to treat customers?
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