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10 reviews

1 years ago
No-one does it like T-Force
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2 reviews

4 years ago
With a typical average response time of sub 10 minutes, and 91% of responses under 30 minutes, looking at the volumes they do, they're doing a fantastic job!
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  1. 4 years ago
    Agree! T-mobile are doing a fantastic job! A good example of great customer service at scale! Last month they received 14,494 inbound mentions and responded to 76% of them with fantastic response times and a high sentiment among customers. That's an incredible achievement! Great work.

13 reviews

4 years ago
I've had several negative experiences with @TMobileHelp -- I hope that they'll improve their response time -- I use twitter to reach out to businesses/brands for an immediate response - If you're offering social customer service solutions for your customers like @TMobileHelp is, but failing to deliver on quick responses, you're falling short on one of the most important aspects.. I had to wait far too long for a response, because of that, I am reviewing @TMobileHelp negatively. They have some problems to fix.
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